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How do I register myself on ?

I received an email mentioning that my account is under moderation. What is that?

I have not received an email verification link. Please help.

Why do you require my mobile number?

I forgot my password. How can I get a new one?

Why is it important to complete mandatory information in my profile?

How can I update/edit my Profile?

How can I update/edit my Resume?

How do I upload my Resume on HiringIndia?

Can I upload more than one resume on HiringIndia?

Does it cost to post my Resume?

Can I see who has viewed my profile?

How do I delete my HiringIndia account?

What is a Job Alert?

How will Job Alerts help me find better matched jobs?

The job recommendations I’m getting are from the wrong industry.

I was contacted for a job I did not apply for

I did not get any response to a job applied

How do I create a Group on HiringIndia?

Can I restrict members of the groups I have created?

Can I delete the group I created?

How can I review a company?

How do I search for people on

What are Praises?

How can I get a Praise?

What should I do if I come across something that I feel is not right?

Why am I receiving community posts on email?

How will I know if someone has applied for a job I posted

Do I need to pay to post a job?

Can I post more than one job?

How do I access my posted job?

How do I edit the jobs I have posted?


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