Fraud Alert is committed to provide its users the safest possible environment to search for jobs and manage their career. In order to attain this goal, we ask that you keep a few simple security precautions in mind when evaluating job postings on and job opportunities that you may receive via email.

For instance, it's possible that you may come across job opportunities that are not genuine when searching for jobs online or you may receive a fraudulent email that has had the sender's email address forged to make it appear as if it was sent from Such practices are a breach of HiringIndia’s Terms of Use and may be illegal under applicable laws.

While HringIndia strives to prevent such online abuse; it is unfortunate that all online companies are vulnerable to scams. HiringIndia is not always resistant to such activity. To help you experience a safer job search, we've listed few safety measures.

What’s 'phishing'?

Phishing emails are used to fraudulently obtain personal identification and account information. They can also be used to lure the recipient into downloading malicious software. The message will often suggest there are issues with the recipient's account that requires immediate attention. A link will also be provided to a spoof website where the recipient will be asked to provide personal/account information or download malicious software. Monster will never ask you to download software in order to access your account or use our services.

Some tips to help you deal with Fraud on the internet

It’s very common today that every Internet site in the world is confronting the growing issue of fraudulent usage of information and we want to work with users around the world to stop this practice.

  • Do not share your personal identification information unless you are confident that the other party is who they claim to be.
  • Be alert if you are offered something that is too good to be true. You must cross checked before any communication with the originator of such offers / contents.
  • Be cautious when providing credit card or bank information, or engaging in any monetary transactions.
  • Do not provide any personal information (e.g., Identification no, eye color, marital status, etc.) over the phone or online.
  • Be aware of any job offerings which arrive in e-mail unprompted or unexpected and ultimately require you to pay a fee in advance, particularly if the fee is asked to be paid through a financial services or if one must pay the amount to a bank or person in a third country that is suspiciously unrelated to either party.

What is 'spoofing'?

Spoof emails usually include a fraudulent offer of employment and/or an invitation to perform a monetary transaction. This scam is primarily directed at a general audience, but it can also reach HiringIndia users who have included contact information on their resume.

Examples of fraudulent email

These examples of fraudulent email show you what to watch out for

Example : 1

Example : 2

Example : 3

Example : 4


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